GE ZWave Switch connectivity issues

I have a GE ZW4001 switch that’s been working for over a year just great, but recently (2 weeks or so) lost connectivity to the hub. I tried to exclude and re-add, but the switch was not discovered. I assumed it went bad, so purchased a replacement (GE ZW4005).

So I can’t get that one to connect either. The hub just doesn’t see it at all. I’ve tried repairing the z-wave network with no change. Checking live logging in the API never shows any communication. I also tried power cycling the switch and setting back to default settings.

Anyone else running into GE switch issues? After a couple hours messing with it tonight, I’m lost with what to do next.

Appreciate any help!!


Have you tried restarting your hub?

I had an issue with my GE Switch the other day. You may want to see this reply/thread.

I have about 15 of them running perfectly for over 1 year.
You have the airgap on it. Pull it out for a few seconds and push it back in.

Might be too far away from hub for initial pairing.

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I had that scenario as well, and after it lost connectivity, I was told to toggle on/off a dozen times or so… Oddly it started working again.

I find every now and then I have to reset a GE switch with the air gap switch. This is not new as I used the old style GE switches on my Vera system I set up several years ago. I find the new ones seem to need this more often. Perhaps I find one a month that requires it.

I have not so far had to reset any at the breaker, the air gap has always been sufficient.

In two cases, the air gap did not work, and neither did the breaker. I replaced the switch. I have purchased almost 30 of them so far so finding two bad ones was not unexpected.