Ge zwave plugin module fried

I have two ge zwave plugin modules in my living room (the kind you can’t get at lowes). On two separate occasions over the past couple months, my son knocked over the lamp that’s was attached to each of them. When the lamp fell, the bulb burned out and after replacing the bulb in the lamp, the zwave module no longer works.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is this typical for those modules to be so sensitive? Is there a way to knwo if they are actually dead or is there somethgin I can do to reset them or something?

Most GE/Jasco devices have a 2 year warranty. I would reach out to them:

Unfortunately this isn’t unusual (google ‘blown bulb damages module’). It has to do with an overcurrent (caused by the bulb’s failing filament momentarily short circuiting as it breaks) which destroys the electrical component in the module used to control the bulb. I don’t think those types of modules have replaceable components so there is probably not much you can do to fix it yourself. On some of the discussions I’ve read people have recommended inline fuses to prevent these scenarios; I don’t know of an off the shelf add-on for this application.

Back when I used to use incandescent bulbs this was a concern of mine (at the time I had used motion controlled switches which had similar issues) and I recall some brands of bulbs claimed to be designed so as to be unlikely to fail in this manner. It might have been specified on the packaging.

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Thanks for the info. I would love to switch to hue bulbs instead but the lamps in question use 3 way bulbs which are very bright on their highest setting (maybe 120 or 150 watts?) Hue bulbs are pretty dim by comparison.

Anyone know of a smart bulb that would be that bright?