GE Zwave Dimmer, 3 Way AND receptacle problem

I added a GE Zwave dimmer and add on switch in a 3 way with can lights.

The lights work great. I used a wiring diagram from this site.

But…I ran a pigtail from the red traveler at the add-on switch and ran it down to a receptacle I needed in the hallway.

Now…the receptacle tests as “correct” with my tester, but when I plug anything in…it doesn’t work. Plus, if I plug something in the bottom AND then tester in the top…the can lights turn off! :slight_smile:


Wiring Diagram:

Any suggestions?

The traveler on the add on is used to transmit a signal back to the master which actually switches the load on and off. You can pigtail off the neutral as you have but you need to find another way to get a hot to the outlet. The traveler is not a hot.

I recommend that you disconnect that traveler from the outlet as soon as you can.

Yeah, the red wire needs to be taken out of the outlet equation. Replace that with a hot wire like the one that goes to the main ZWave master switch. Too bad none look close.

Thanks. I can wirenut the traveler from the add-on switch.

This receptacle is actually supposed to supply a hot connection to an attic light switch, so there is a 14/2 wire that leads into the attic that I can junction into so I can get a hot connection down to the receptacle bypassing the add-on switch.

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