GE Zwave add on wiring question

I have a 3 way switch that I am trying to install and I am running into some problems. I have the GE Z wave dimmer as well as the add on switch required to do this. The problem is the wiring for this light is like option 3 at the following link: 3 way wiring diagram. I have wired the main switch using the neutral pigwire and it works fine as long as I have the secondary mechanical switch turned on. When I try to replace the mechanical switch with the GE Zwave add on switch I can’t figure out how to do it since I lack a neutral wire on that switch. Am I out of luck or can somebody else tell me how to wire this correctly? If I can’t use the GE add on switch can I just use the mechanical switch and as long as its left in the on position I am ok?

This post should help you. Also here is a modified picture