GE Zwave add on switch for 3 way not being detected

That would explain it if that’s the case… but that means there’s no way to fix it I’m assuming.

I’m using these GE switches:

I’d be curious to know if anyone has this exact model and is able to get the switch to send an on/off signal when turned on/off from an add on switch.

Perhaps I could upgrade to the newer 14291 model (Z-wave Plus).

Yeah…all mine are the dimmer model 12724 but I wouldn’t think they would be that different. On the plus side if you try the Z-Wave plus version it’s supposed to have faster status reporting and the wiring should be simple since it uses the same add on. Then if it does work you can move that old switch somewhere else you don’t need the 3-way and if it still doesn’t work contact GE/Jasco and see if they have any ideas. It 100% should report no matter which switch you physically press.

I have the Zwave version here and had the same problem when adding the add on switch. The only way I could get the add on switch to control the light was to run the Zwave repair program while toggling the add on switch. Since yours are zigbee I don’t know what the equivalent process would be but maybe something will come to someone for a susgestion.

I have 2 two of these switches in 3 ways wiring and I went through this with support maybe around a year ago. They blamed it on Jasco. Just open your log event in IDE and you will see why. I get between 5 to 10 seconds delay to get an event in the log when operating the add on switch but less than a sec with the master.

So the master switch does send an on/off status change via Z-Wave when switched from an add on switch, but that status change is delayed 5-10 seconds? If that’s the case, I wonder why the hub doesn’t recognize that message?

It took the master switch between 5 to 10 seconds to send the status to the ST hub when the addon switch is pressed. So it’s not the ST hub at fault here. That was why I think it’s the firmware in the master switch but I am just guessing of course.

That makes sense - you’re saying the ST hub is receiving the message and updating the master light switch status but it’s just delayed 5-10 seconds?

My problem is my hub never receives the message so the master light switch status never gets updated. I’d take a 5-10 second delay so the switch and app aren’t out of sync.

Yes, that’s what I am seeing. Maybe you have longer delay.