GE Zwave 4 way install

Can someone confirm my thoughts on how borked my 4 way switch wiring is?

House is to code (well except this run), built in 2009.

1x GE Main
2x GE Add On

Its three switches to one light fixture. I have done four 3 ways no problem in this home. I think the previous folks that lived here for a year swapped the switches to paddle, because I found a couple regular switches in odd areas, and not all light up. Leads me to think they did some well … work.

Words can barely describe what i’m looking at, So some photos:


So way messed up eh? I noticed it when I was putting in the upstairs two switches you see already installed. By the way, the basement switch has never worked, Guess I found out why. So now i have to sort out what the hell is going on.

My current running theory is that on the upstairs switch needs to:

  1. Have neutrals rejoined and removed from switch.
  2. Fish out that red traveler I see back there that I think is capped.
  3. Figure out why there is only one Black wire on it and where the other ummm … went?

1 Figure out what the deal is with the traveler.

All else fails, Call an electrician.

Sorry I have images for all but new users can only post one photo per post …