Ge Zwave 3 way switch issues

(Samuel Lizzio) #1

I have a ST Hub, V2. I have a rule in rule machine that turns my garage lights on when a multi sensor detects motion. That rule works flawlessly. I am also able to control the lights from the physical switches themselves. My trouble lies in trying to turn them on and off from the ST app. Nothing even shows up on the live log when I attempt to control them. Any ideas?


Wish I had something to offer as far as your ST app problem with your switches, but mine are working fine.

As far as the lighting event not showing up in “Live Logging”, that seems to have disappeared at least a month ago for me. The only way I can see the lighting events are in “My Locations->events->displayed”. Look for “DEVICE/physical” and “DEVICE/digital” under the “Source” column for lighting events initiated from the physical switch and the ST app, respectively.

As a side note, the “Name” and “Displayed Text” fields are now empty (for about two-three months now) for “Source” of “APP_COMMAND”. You can see this reflected in the ST app as blank text in “Notifications->Activity Feed”.

(Samuel Lizzio) #3

Not sure why but everything appears to be working now.


Not sure if it’s related, but my garage door sensor was being reported as open. I was getting ST notifications every minute for almost 3 hours…

(Samuel Lizzio) #5

I still am having trouble with my garage doors and sonos.

(Jimmy) #6

you will continue to see problems like these until this clears