GE Z-Wave ZW4104 clicks but doesn't power sm appliance on/off


I am having some trouble with a GE Z-Ware small appliance plugin switch with SmartThimgs, maybe even without not sure.

The GE switch powers on with the button, it clicks when turned on or off however it doesn’t turn the appliance on nor off. The appliances if turned on

I have a GE Z-Ware small appliance module plugin switch that attaches fine to my SmartThings Z-Ware network however when using the SmartThings app, or the button the front of switch will show it is powered on, then when I click the button on the device, or via SmartThings app it turns the light on the GE switch on/off, but not the appliance. If I click it manually it does the same. The appliances will stay on with power the entire time without issue, I want it to power them off. I tried a small CD player radio, nothing that would draw too much power nor amperage.

Removed it from SmartThings as well, repaired Z-Wave network but no changes. Check GE site as I think might be the switch itself, might be nothing to do with SmartThings but couldn’t find their support.

ZW4104 Wireless Smart Lighting Control Appliance Module, On/Off, Plug-In - same here on Amazon

You’re likely correct. If not GE’s site, perhaps you can find support/returns from the vendor you bought it from?