GE Z-Wave switch slow response / showing OFFLINE

Having an issue with a GE z-wave plus toggle switch. In the layout of the house, it is the furthest point from the hub, but there are two other switches (one plus, one not) working fine.

This particular switch has “ping” in the logs. When the command is sent, it sometimes takes as long as 5 seconds to turn on/off. Sometimes not at all. It is now showing offline in the IDE.

I have at least two of the Iris 3210-L smartplugs between the hub and this switch. Would setting those up as z-wave repeaters and doing a network repair help?

That sounds like a reasonable thing to try.

I set up both the Iris plugs as z-wave repeaters and have them showing as online with the generic Z-wave device handler thats floating around. Did a network repair, so I will check performance and logs today/tonight and report back.

As promised, the switch seems to be a lot more reliable, as well as not showing offline.

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