GE Z-Wave Receptacle Installation Help

So I finally got around to preparing to install the GE wall receptacles (that were recently discounted at Lowe’s for $10). I’m totally new to this so this could be a stupid question, but in some of the receptacles there are actually two sets of cables running to the existing receptacles.

Is it possible to use the GE wall receptacles with this wiring configuration? If so, what do I do with the extra wires?

See below for what it currently looks like (please excuse the dust):

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Depend on the model of GE you have. I think the old model has wires coming out of the switch. So you just have to use wire connector and twist them together. If you have the model with just screw terminals then use a wire connector to twist the wires together with a short pigtail wire for your new switch. Or use the two holes on the switch for both wires.

Thanks for the reply.

It sounds like I have the old model (see below). So I would just connect all three like wires (black, white, and bare) using the supplied connectors? (IE - all three white connected, all three black, two bare and 1 green connected).

That’s correct. 20 chars