GE Z Wave Plus: Can I use Two Reg Dimmers instead of Add-On?

I have four sets of 3 way switches in my house. I know the recommended method is to use a dimmer (14294) and an add-on (12723). From what I’ve seen, the add-on switch doesn’t have the little blue LED light on the front like the dimmer, fan control and on/off switches do. (If one is available, please let me know.)

I like having the blue LED light on when the switch is off and I want all the switches in a gang box to match and have the blue light.

I know it’s more expensive, but for a 3 way can I use two dimmers (14294) instead of a dimmer and an add-on?

I doubt it. The only way you could wire that would be to have the switches in parallel, which means you’d be presenting line voltage on the load terminal of each switch as well as on the line terminal. I can’t imagine the switch is designed to allow that. Even if the result of that wasn’t catastrophic, the blue LED on one switch would be on when the light was switched on at the other switch. Also, you’d have to turn off the light at the same switch where you turned it on, defeating the purpose of 3-way control.

So for a thousand reasons, just no.

Not possible.

Thank you. Add-on switches it is!