GE Toggle Switches - poor terminal design?

So, got my first two GE/Jasco toggle switches in from Amazon yesterday, and installed when I got home from work. (Sorry, honey, no I did not start dinner, I got distracted! :fearful:) Installation was mostly uneventful… accept for the pain of actually attaching the wires to the screw terminals. What a dumb setup to have the screw floating in the housing. Trying to get the wire around those screws was a major pain! Once I got those taken care of, they paired right up no problems. Though the device type has a LED indicator option, the toggle switches don’t seem to have any LED’s

Why did you not use the holes? Those terminals are designed to push the wires into the holes and screw them down. Full disclosure: I wired up 4 GE switches the “hard way” before realizing what the holes were for…

I guess I am used to the crappy push-in performance of regular switches/outlets. I’ve never had good luck with those, so I always revert to the typical mounting procedure.

I had the same issue… Then I realized that they aren’t designed for that type of install. It was much simpler and faster to just insert the wire in the hole and tighten the screw.

In most fixtures with the holes on the back you simply insert the wire and it is held in place with an internal clamp. You must press the clamp with a small screw driver to release the wire.

On these particular fixtures this is not the case. The wire is not automatically clamped when inserted into the hole. It pulls out freely. You must insert the wire and tighten the screw.

I found that the screw was to deeply set in the plastic to allow a wire around it, especially if your wiring multiple fixtures together.

Hope this helps with the rest of your install.

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I agree, I hate the holes too. I mostly hate trying to get the wires out. I just cut them and throw away the plug.

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and, actually, the instruction manual says:

For attachment to screw terminals: Strip insulation 1” (25mm) For attachment using the enclosure’s holes: Strip insulation 5/8” (16mm)

Hah. The biggest problem I had with those holes was that the wire wouldn’t stay in well. Wired up a whole basement with those push in terminals and then had to go back and inspect multiple circuits that outlets that didn’t work because of poor connections in those push-in terminals.

What’s an instruction manual?

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I had the same issue others referenced. I saw nothing instruction to use he holes, but I should have known better they were there for something.

When you tighten the screws, they are kind of stiff, so maybe the issue with loose wires was just not tightinging enough.

I did two the hard way before discovering the holes and then five more easily using the holes.

Another tip, if you have more than one GE switch in a box, just jump the white wire they include between the extra hole in the neutral. No need to run everything back to the bundle as the wire cap gets quite large and hard to get to the back of the box. Figured this out the hard way also after a trip to the hardware store to buy the “mother” of all wire caps :grinning:

Love my GE smart switches.

I managed to totally unscrew the green terminal screw from the tiny nut holding it in place on a GE smart fan controller.
So far, I’ve not figured out a way to securely attach a ground to the unit, so it’s essentially worthless now.

if you can find a sheet metal type screw (coarse thread) that is slightly larger than the orignal, it should bite into the metal around the screw hole. wrap your ground around the screw head.

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Thanks! I’ll give that a try.