GE Switches up to 30% off at Lowes

Yes, I found 3 stores nationwide that still have shipping available. Coincidentally one of them is my local store with 7 available.

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any 15 off 50 codes available? Would be much appreciated. Thanks

12724 Paddle Dimmer - $32.99 (25% off)
12722 Paddle On/Off - $27.99 (30% off)
12729 Toggle Dimmer - $29.98 (25% off)
12727 Toggle On/Off - $27.99 (30% off)

Paddle on off will work as a 3 way switch provided I get the add on, correct?

Can you please PM on how to get a coupon code for online lowe’s? I need to finish my zwave switches and need >10 of the dimmers…need to save some $$. Much appreciated … thanks!!!

I have the script and it even shows the stores I’m using as shipping, but it won’t offer parcel as on option. The first time I went through it did offer it but when I got to the end it halted the order and sent me back to the start.

Anybody’s orders ship yet? Mines been “In process” since I placed it Wed morning. I had already received my order by this time, last time I ordered from Lowe’s.

I placed two orders on Wednesday. Both shipped Thursday. One is due for delivery today, the other for tomorrow.

I have seen delays like yours.

Picked up four switches at my local store yesterday. Wish they had more…but still happy to get what I got since I was already looking to pick up a few more soon.

I ordered 2 from my local store. After the coupon, each cost $21.72 tax inc. great deal!!! I am so tempted to buy more!!!

Wanted to mention for those who didn’t realize the GE Z-Wave 3-Speed Fan Controllers are included as well

12730 3-Speed Fan Rocker - $34.99 (22% off)

Well after all that hassle I tried again today and all went fine. What was odd was that the items were still in my cart, from the same place, and the old items listed no shipping but the new items, that were the same, worked. Go figure.

And I’ve never seen those go on sale even when the other devices do. I grabbed the last 5 I needed. Very happy.

Anyone have a code they would like to pm?

Not looking great for by 3x 12722 switch online order from Wed 3/22. No stores that I’ve found have it listed in inventory anymore (let alone shipping) and mine hasn’t shipped yet - still In Process.

I ordered 2 feet of green THHN grounding wire in the same order and that shipped. :frowning2:

has anyone found any store with shipping?

I ended up buying 6 dimmers, 4 switches, 3 fans and 1 toggles (toggle to match the garbage disposal dumb switch). EVERY single switch in my house is now smart. Think it is over 50 including the 3 and 4 ways. $25 average was just too good to pass up. Killed my reasoning behind these which was to save money! “Pay Back” is probably at 5 years now…:joy:

So not including the sale, I saved $120 just using the $15 off of $50 codes!


I got 11x12724 dimmers but I still need 3x12730 fan controllers if anyone has any spare!

I got 4 switches and 1 dimmers which were my first batch of smart dimmer’switches… I which I bought more now that the deal is dead, but i cant deal with it since i have other smart bulbs around the house…

A few questions for the future, can I use a dimmer or fan control switch for a light/fan combo ceiling fixture? my fans dont have separate switches, so I was wondering what will work best, on/off switch, dimmer (since lights are dimmable) or fan control. the fans do have remote controls too