GE Switch Turning Itself Back On. Simple Solution or Exorcism?

One of my several GE Z Wave switches (not a 3-way) is turning back on right after I turn it off. It typically takes about a second to turn back on, but occasionally it’s instantaneous or takes a few seconds. This happens whether I physically push the switch or toggle it via the iPhone app.

Looking at the event log, I see the appropriate source for the “off” event, be it “DEVICE /digital” or “DEVICE /physical” depending on whether I used the app or the button, but all of the “on” events show up as “DEVICE /physical”.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? If so, how can I fix it?

I think I had the reverse of this one… when I turned it on it shut off right after. If I recall correctly I had load and the line mixed up. Try swapping line and load and see what happens.

Hi, I created a task using the smartapps to turn the light off through a GE switch if no motion is detected. But sometimes it turns the light on and off in one second even if the light was already off. Someone knows why?