GE Switch Failures

Not for anything but I have a mix of old GE regular Z-Wave switches, an regular Z-Wave fan controller, and a bunch of new Z-Wave plus switches and fan controllers. 26 total along with another 6 three-way add-ons. They were all on a v2 hub and then I removed them all and added them to a v3 hub. I have yet to have a problem with any of them except the one old fan controller went to high one day. Pulled the air gap pushed it back in and never did it again.

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And now it’s FIVE.

Put in my first Zooz switch today, and have one on standby. Of course, it took over a year for the GE switches to fail, so unless the thing explodes in the next 15 minutes I probably won’t have much to report on it any time soon.

Six . . . . .

This most recent one is used quite infrequently, so it’s hard to imagine it’s from overuse.

Seven . . . . .

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s FOUR that have failed in just the last three weeks, SIX (including those four) in the last six weeks.

Have you tried completely resetting them per my post above?

I’ve yet to have one totally fail.

Something is [obviously] wrong. That’s not normal. I’ve had (15) of these switches for varying lengths of time between 1-3 years and not a single one of them has failed or even faltered.

I’ve had 7 of these switches for 4 yrs without issue. A year ago I had a switch in my garage controlled by motion sensors start to intermittently fail. It would stop responding all together including manual control. Many times a reset solved the issue. I finally gave up and got it replaced under warranty. Since then I’ve replaced this switch 2 additional times for the same issue. I just recently had the same issue again after a couple months of use.

Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? The voltage is fine, all connections are solid, and the mesh network is great. The device is only 5 ft from the hub so range isn’t an issue. The device clicks when toggled but nothing happens.

I had a switch in my kitchen connected to a florescent fixture that failed (or would lock up) several times on me over the course of 18 months. I retrofitted the fixture to LED tubes and have had zero issues with it since. No failures. No lockups that require a power cycle to clear. It’s been about 6 months since I swapped the tubes out.

Not sure if it is true but I read somewhere that florescent lights can cause issues with smart switches.

Just my experience.

FWIW, I had the same type of switch connected to 4 florescent fixtures in my garage in Michigan and never had any issues over the 3 years I lived there

Yes, I’ve tried all suggestions.

Do you have a backup generator on your home?

I have a generator that ties into my mains. I only use this when when we have a prolonged power outage. I noticed that after using my generator I had maybe 4-6 switches slowly go out within a 2 month period after having my home on the generator. Generators don’t offer the cleanest power and those switches I’m sure are sensitive.

It’s possible. We do have a backup generator, and it ran for 4 days just before Christmas. Interesting connection.