GE Switch Failures

The Honeywell switches are also made by Jasco, so the same as the GE switches. The firmware is a little different but they’re essentially a rebrand.

As I’ve mentioned before, we personally use the Lutron and are very happy with them. Lutron is an engineering company that focuses on lighting. (Among other things, they invented the first dumb dimmer dial switch.) they have a ton of patents and higher standards than most of the others. Just as one example, most of the others set a target response rate of two seconds or less. Lutron sets a target of 0.5 seconds and usually hits it. :sunglasses:

Leviton would be at the low-end of the “best“ category on a good/better/best scale. Lots of features, well engineered, but expensive.

Zooz is the house brand for The Smartest House. Intended as a budget brand, but they are using very new technology and have a lot of interesting features because of that, so they compete well with most of the “better“ brands. Very popular in the community. Some of their staff members are active here as well, so they can answer any detailed questions. @TheSmartestHouse

Enerwave are OK, they would probably be down near the bottom of the “better“ category from an engineering standpoint. They used to be more popular before Zooz and Inovelli came on the market.

Again, I strongly recommend reading the light switches section of the device class features FAQ so you understand what some of the different features are that a light switch might or might not have and why people might choose one model over another. The light switch discussion starts around post 40 in that thread. :sunglasses:

Bulbs, switches and sensors, oh my....what to buy (device class features FAQ)

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