GE Smart Dimmers didn't work - could Neutral bundle be problem?

Hi all,

New to the forum. I am pretty good with home automation and basic wiring. Here is my question:

Just wired new GE smart dimmers (#14294). I attached all wires as shown and got NOTHING. No LED, no nothing. Time was of the essence so I just put old switches back in for now.

My question is this:

When I attached neutrals (which had been bundled in the back of the box, unused on the old switches) I “un-bundled them.” Was that my mistake? Should I instead pigtail off the ENTIRE BUNDLE, and would that have been a terminal (pun intended) mistake???




That’s your issue. You leave the bundle intact or you are breaking a circuit. Pigtail off that bundle to your smart switch.

Thanks… So just unscrew wire nut, add wore, screw on wires nut?

Yes, add your pigtail to the existing bundle and connect the other end of pigtail to your new switch’s neutral terminal. You are just tapping in to the existing neutral line.