GE Smart Dimmer 12724 not showing as a switch/no smart aps


I installed a GE In Wall Smart Dimmer 12724 (the one with the common wire). It was detected fine. When it asked about using any apps during setup I skipped that because I did not want any at the time. Now it works fine for dimming and on/off, however on the dashboard it does not show under switches, like my garage door opener shows under locks. It just shows under connected devices. Also when I go into the smart apps for it is says that none are installed. How can I get the smart apps to work and also show up under lighting or switches?


Go into the Lights & Switches section of the app, and click the gear icon at the very top-right. Scroll to the bottom of this screen and there should be an option to “Auto import existing switch devices”. Choose that and it should allow you to add this switch to this section of the dashboard as well as add common apps like schedules.

Unfortunately my Lights and Switches is not showing up. I have Home & Family, Things, Doors & Locks. When I look under locks just to see how it should work, I click on the gear and there is no import option. Just add a new door/lock. Maybe I am missing something. Still new here. When I set up my garage door controller it displayed just fine where it should with all of the apps. Thank you for your assistance.

Ok, on to option 2. On the main dashboard, press the + button like you’re going to add a new device. Scroll right along the top to Actions (Should default to Things, then Alerts, then Actions). Choose Lighting and it will give you common SmartApps for lighting like schedules. If you choose the option “Add shortcuts for groups…” you will see the Auto import option. Once you set up your first light in this area, it will create the Lights & Switches section.

Thank you Scott. That worked perfectly. Never would have figured that out on my own. I know I still have to play around with it more.


How did you add it? I’m having trouble adding mine again after my last hub failed and they sent me a new one.