GE Remote 34174

GE Z-wave remote 34174 is not supported on Smartthings hub.
tried to pair directly with the switch, but it will not pair.
any ideas ?

Yeah, unfortunately those don’t work. If you were only trying to control other Z wave devices you might be able to do it through direct association.

See the following discussion thread, but again, no one’s been successful so far.

GE Jasco Z-wave Smart Remotes (CES 2017)

I use 2 of these in my home set up. You can pair it with Smartthings as a remote, then pair it to a device as a secondary controller. Makes a good failsafe switch for my pantry door automated lights. The work around for an automation would be to tie the automation to the device you pair the switch to. Like maybe a plug or outlet you have hidden behind a dresser or bed. I have the remote switch paired to a wall outlet in the bathroom for my wife to turn on a heater, and I have smartthings turn on a red LED light in the bedroom when that outlet is on, so she can tell if the heater comes on when she pushes the button.

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