GE plug says not responding every few hours

Hello everyone,

I have 2 GE Plugs, 12721222 from Lowes and every since my hub update yesterday morning, 1 of the plugs reports as “not responding” in the Hub Event Log. The log entry varies from 1 hour, 2 and 3 hours apart. It seems to be working fine otherwise, any thoughts?

Also, both joined the network as a generic “zwave smart switch” Is this correct or is there a custom DH that should be used?

Thanks in advance

I had a GE dimmer doing the same thing before the update, once I installed another zwave device between it and the hub the problems went away.

It is normal for z-wave devices not in use to show as inactive for 1-3 hours. If not in use they have nothing to report. If it goes inactive for a day or more, then you can start looking for problems.

Thanks for the replies,

In this case, my garage door opener is plugged into it which is enabled/disabled based on our phone presence to limit access to when we are not home or sleepoing

I’ll keep an eye on it for sure