GE paddle switch status issue

Hello everyone!

I’m have a weird issue with a couple switches I installed. Thy are GE zwave paddle switches model 14291. I installed them right next to each other. One controls a outside Flood, the other a Sconce. They are right next to each other in same plastic box

I added them to my things but only one of them displays the status in the app. I can control them from my phone, and if I do, the status (on/off) shows up correctly. But when I physically do it (turn a light on and off), only one of them shows the status.

I removed and added the one that wasn’t working and then that one was the one showing the status in the app and the other one started not showing status.

I did it yet again to the one that wasn’t working and after I did that it started showing the status correctly while the other one stopped.

Is almost like there sharing an ID and only one at a time can show the correct status.

Again, if I control from my phone, both work fine. Physically press the switch, only one shows the correct status.


Log into the SmartThings IDE and check the Network ID. If they are the same, which they shouldn’t be, then change one of them to an ID that is not already on your Network.

Log In
Goto Location Home
Click Devices
Click the Switch
Click Edit
Click Update

Sorry, i should have mentioned that I already did that. It seems like they are sharing a common ID so that’s one of the first things I looked at.