Ge outdoor switch does not reconnect after hub is inactive

I have a v2 hub, a GE indoor plug-in switch, and a GE outdoor plug-in switch. They both paired successfully and I can get both to work correctly. However, after the hub goes inactive for a period of time (router reboots, internet lost, hub update, etc) the outdoor switch does not come back online until it is toggled manually. This issue does not exist with the indoor switch.

I need to figure out how to get the outdoor switch to come back without a manual reset. It’s under my deck and in a very inconvenient location to physically access every time the hub goes inactive.

I do note that the indoor switch shows in the IDE with execution location of local, where the outdoor switch is the cloud. I also noted that there were some sporadic outages reported today but I have seen the issue before.

Any ideas?

Have you tried a z-wave repair?

because the device is offline, I get mesh update failure and route update failure for that device.

How close is your hub or another powered z-wave device to your outdoor switch, may consider moving hub closer or adding a device between the hub and the out door switch.

That is precisely the reason I bought the indoor plug-in switch… to bridge the distance gap between hub and outdoor switch. If I go down and toggle the outdoor switch once, the device comes online and works as normal until the next time the hub goes inactive.

Not sure what to tell you, have you tried a z-wave exclude it and adding it again.