GE on/off switch disconnect my normal outlet

(Jean Francois Renaud) #1

Hi, can I use a GE on/off switch to trigger a lamp connected in a normal outlet which is trigger by a normal switch? I’ve tried connecting a smart GE on/off switch, no problem on the outlet and connecting to my hub. The problem is that the second plug in my outlet which is supposed to be on at all time doesn’t work anymore…

Does it work or am I using the wrong device?

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Which model GE are you using?


The 2nd unswitched outlet has its own power source and should not be affected in any way by this switch unless:

  • You replace/re-wired (incorrctly) the outlet with a new GE on/off switch.
  • This GE switch plugs into both sockets of the existing outlet.

Like JDR says above, what model? Please elaborate on how you setup this switch,.

(Jean Francois Renaud) #4

I’ve installed a GE12722 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch. The switch that I replaced controlled 2 outlets and after a couple of test in wiring everything, I was able to make it work probably. Your first assumptions was wrong: I replace/re-wired incorrectly the outlet.

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nvm… totally misunderstood your first post. For some reason I took it to mean you installed new outlets. Sorry for the confusiom