GE, Networx, Interlogix Caddx NX8 security System Integration?

Hmmm, it’s very strange that the devices don’t show up in the new app.
When migrating any existing devices should just show up in the new app (they did for me), there shouldn’t be anything special to do.
As far as I know, and in my experience, the list of devices should be exactly the same in both apps. The devices are already added to SmartThings, so they shouldn’t need to be re-added. It’s very strange that they’re not showing up for you.

They won’t appear under the device itself, since the new app doesn’t support “device tiles” which I used to show them under the alarm device before, but they should still appear as separate SmartThings devices under the main list of devices. I grouped all of mine under the an “Alarm System” ‘room’.

Regarding the slow response, the new app is slightly slower than the old app, but the response via the web interface (when refreshing the page) should be just as quick.
I wonder if the IP of your SmartThings hub has changed or something, and it’s failing to send the update to SmartThings.
Can you check that the IP address for SmartThings is correct if you go to the /settings page under the web interface for the alarm device ?
(e.g.: http://192.168.1.x/settings )

Thanks for the response. I stand corrected. The devices are showing up but just not on the home page(?) of the new app–I’m just getting used to the new app–not much of a fan.

Regarding speed, the ip address is correct and the status of a zone in ST was updating sometimes, but not always. The status was correct in the web interface however and if the ST status was incorrect, I could go into the classic app and select the “update” button in the Home Alarm device and then ST would read the correct status of the zone. Both the Home Alarm device and the individual zones always say “Checking Status” if that means anything.

Today, I also saw that that there were ST updating issues recently and perhaps that explains what I was experiencing. I am not located where I can check it now, but I will let you know if I have more information.

I have definitely seen it show “checking status” for each zone for quite a few seconds when first opening the app, and it then update after that. That really does seem specific to the new app (as I’ve still seen it update quickly in the old app). Hopefully they manage to sort out these app issues quickly.
We are investigating what we can do to make the device behave more like it did in the old app, but they’ve basically removed existing functionality which worked fine for years, without anyone actually requesting those changes :frowning: