GE, Networx, Interlogix Caddx NX8 security System Integration?

Hmmm, it’s very strange that the devices don’t show up in the new app.
When migrating any existing devices should just show up in the new app (they did for me), there shouldn’t be anything special to do.
As far as I know, and in my experience, the list of devices should be exactly the same in both apps. The devices are already added to SmartThings, so they shouldn’t need to be re-added. It’s very strange that they’re not showing up for you.

They won’t appear under the device itself, since the new app doesn’t support “device tiles” which I used to show them under the alarm device before, but they should still appear as separate SmartThings devices under the main list of devices. I grouped all of mine under the an “Alarm System” ‘room’.

Regarding the slow response, the new app is slightly slower than the old app, but the response via the web interface (when refreshing the page) should be just as quick.
I wonder if the IP of your SmartThings hub has changed or something, and it’s failing to send the update to SmartThings.
Can you check that the IP address for SmartThings is correct if you go to the /settings page under the web interface for the alarm device ?
(e.g.: http://192.168.1.x/settings )

Thanks for the response. I stand corrected. The devices are showing up but just not on the home page(?) of the new app–I’m just getting used to the new app–not much of a fan.

Regarding speed, the ip address is correct and the status of a zone in ST was updating sometimes, but not always. The status was correct in the web interface however and if the ST status was incorrect, I could go into the classic app and select the “update” button in the Home Alarm device and then ST would read the correct status of the zone. Both the Home Alarm device and the individual zones always say “Checking Status” if that means anything.

Today, I also saw that that there were ST updating issues recently and perhaps that explains what I was experiencing. I am not located where I can check it now, but I will let you know if I have more information.

I have definitely seen it show “checking status” for each zone for quite a few seconds when first opening the app, and it then update after that. That really does seem specific to the new app (as I’ve still seen it update quickly in the old app). Hopefully they manage to sort out these app issues quickly.
We are investigating what we can do to make the device behave more like it did in the old app, but they’ve basically removed existing functionality which worked fine for years, without anyone actually requesting those changes :frowning:

@LeeFL I will be the proud owner of a NX8 panel and I am a ST user for other home automation. Do you have any kits available for purchase. AFAIK you are the only way to bridge the two! Help me obi-wan!

I have accidently removed a zone on the New SmartThings app, and I cannot find a way to readd it.
The instructions show the Classic SmartThings apps to add zones, and that app no longer seems to work.
Is there a new way to add zones, or is there a manual way?


Well, I am not sure what was different, but I tried the Classic App again and this time it worked.


Hi there,

I am curious if you’ve had any progress with the new app in getting everything working as it did in the old app, or if that won’t be possible? I can’t seem to access the old app.

I have the NX-6v2 security system and would be interested in getting this up and running from you. I’m in Canada and am curious how much shipping would be. I can’t PM you as I registered just for this :slight_smile: Thanks so much for all of your work!!!

Hello @LeeFL,

Happy new year!

I am sorry to say my system is no longer working. Alarm zone status is changing almost instantly on the web interface of your device but the SmartThings device status for each individual zone is unreliable to say the least.

I have updated to the September release (firmware and device handler) but I see no improvement.

Any ideas what might be the problem? Any debugging tips to try?



I manually removed all child devices and then modified the DHT to create them again (no button for it in the new app). Once the new child devices were created it all started working again. I will monitor everything for a couple of days and I will report back.

Hey George! I am about to give up on ST integration as others have stated, with the recent changes, it just isnt working. Are you able to provide further details on how you got Hubitat to work? Any help on the steps? Ive never used HE before, but am considering getting it just for this , any help would be awesome! Is the system working 100%? Speedy? ST will notify me 3 days after a door is opened (joke…but seriously…useless). @LeeFL’s system is working 100%. Just ST is broken and I give up on ST

Thanks in advance!

Im having the exact same issue (see post above).

Can you elaborate on what you did to the DHT to get them to work again? It may be my last ditch effort before I ditch ST for Hubitat

I noticed that I was getting contact errors on the debug log of @LeeFL’s web server and the noticed that I was getting log entries on SmartThings from the alarm device but not from the child devices.

I manually removed all child devices and then changed the DHT so that upon a change of configuration it run the create zones method. I then changed the alarm config from SmartThings and it created the child devices. I changed the dht back to normal and it has all been working great ever since.

If there is another way to trigger the create zones method I guess it would work as well but I couldn’t figure out how else to do it

Hello Michael
Thanks for the reply. Are you able to share the code you changed? I don’t have much experience with the device handlers


I am sorry, it was a temp change and I didn’t keep it. However I believe you can experiment with something like the following:

// This will configure the device to talk to SmartThings
def configure()
sendHubCommand( getAction("/getzonenames"))

So find the configure() method and add that command and the return statement after. Leave the rest of the method intact - it wont run anyway.

Then changing the alarm settings in the app should trigger the zone creation (if they have been removed beforehand).

Yes, it’s still running well. I’ll send you the code. I did have an issue over the weekend where the wifi dropped off, but a couple of reboots fixed the issue. It’s been working well here.

Actually, it may take a day or so to send you the code, because I live in Australia, and we do it a little differently here. Some of my motion sensors are set up as contact sensors so they can be ignored during sleep/strobe (upstairs). I’ll hvae to go through the code and change them back.

Make sure you set the right IP address in the Alarm System Bridge. Dump the Device handler in the device code page. Install the virtual motion sensor driver, and then install. I’ll send the code tomorrow (Monday, Aussie time).

Hey guys
Im gonna lose my mind, would love some help. I tried Michaels suggestion, and it didnt really work, here are my notes:

The Alarm bridge logs constantly show this error:
FReceived message: 0600200008406320C0 - ACK Required
Received message: 071102020202020202 - ACK Required
Received message: 043001001BF00100 - ACK Required

I finally figured out how to update the settings in the alarm bridge to match the IP assigned to the local ST hub, which helped me get past my first series of errors. Now I have this ACK required error for the child zone updates and i dont know what this means.

In the ST IDE/DHT, the IP address that the router assigned to the alarm system bridge is correctly copied.

When I manually refresh the alam system, only then do the child zones update their status. If a door is opened, nothing updates automatically until a manual refresh is done. When looking at the live logs in the IDE, nothing happens when a door is opened or the alarm changes state, but when a refresh command is sent, then all the zones update.


Any help?

@revlis240 This is probably not helpful but I found a stable alternative in using Home Assistant as my front end and Smartthings as my backend for Z-Wave and Zigbee. As such, I switched from the @LeeFL implementation on ST to on Home Assistant. Works great but certainly not a ST solution. Cheers!

Thanks, I will check it out!

Im gonna lose my mind, would love some help. I tried Michaels suggestion, and it didnt really work, here are my notes:

What exactly didn’t work? Had you removed the child devices beforehand? Were they added again when running the modified DHT? If I know more on what went wrong perhaps I can help.

Hey guys, sorry for being late to the ‘party’ here.
The “ACK Required” bit isn’t an error, that’s just part of the verbose logging so that I can see what’s going on. (the ACK would have been sent)

If the update happens on a refresh, but not automatically then, although network connections are ok (in general), something is preventing SmartThings from receiving/handling messages that it didn’t initiate.

My first check would be to check that the IP address that the device has for SmartThings is correct (you fixed the inverse, but perhaps not this way round).
When you hit refresh, it’s SmartThings initiating the request, so the device can respond without the IP that it has stored for SmartThings being correct.
When an event happens it needs that stored IP address in order to know who to send the event to, and this is what may be failing.
Via the web interface, go the the Setup page on the device, and make sure the IP address stored there for the SmartThings hub is correct. (and if not then update it, and click Submit)
If that is already correct, or if you still have issues after correcting it, then I’d check your router/firewall, since it’s possible that your router may be blocking the port used.