GE, Networx, Interlogix Caddx NX8 security System Integration?

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@LeeFL, just want to publicly shoutout and say thanks! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. You rock!!

I would send a PM for interest in this kit but I seem to be too new of a member to be able to do so.

I have the NX8-E.

@Chris_Hall did you have to do the pre-programming part of the install instructions where you use the LCD keypad to program and enable the zones and serial port?

Or did you just skip to the physical install and everything just worked?

Yes, I had to run through all the pre-programming. Most of the settings were correct, but a few needed changing.

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Sweet, after walking through mine it seemed to be very similar.


Hi Lee. Can you direct message me about the board?

Dear Lee,

I do not have access to IM and would like to order one of your alarm bridges for a NX-8E panel.

How do I contact you?

Hey guys
My brain is fried and I am trying to find the easiest way to get the alarm state to show up in action tiles? I can secure the tile with a PIN, but I would love to arm/disarm/stay from within action tiles.

Anyone care to help with the best way to get this done? Thanks!


I haven’t actually had time to try setting up action tiles myself, but will try to investigate when time allows. From my limited understanding it should be possible to expose the button actions from the main SmartThings device to ActionTiles, but I haven’t actually used it.
If anyone else has done similar with ActionTiles then help would be appreciated.

The odd thing is that the child devices and all that show up just fine in action tiles. But the alarm itself, is not appearing in the list of things that action tiles “imports” as a “thing” from ST.

So when I go onto the Samsung ST import page, I get a large list of all my things to export to AT from ST, but the alarm bridge is not one of those “things”.

Possible because as a type of thing, all the child devices are listed as generic things such as “contact sensor” or what not, but the “alarm system bridge” is not a generic thing, maybe thats why it skips the thing as a thing to import?

I found a stop-gap solution which is to use the URL link to the bridge’s HTTP address as an action tile, but its slow, requires a login, and did I mention its slow?

Strange that it would be slow, especially any slower than using the button on the alarm device in ST (which is normally fairly quick).

Sorry, to clarify the web portal is super fast.

Action tiles is whats slow to load the url (im using a cheap fire 7), and when going back to the main screen from having loaded the url, its just too many steps

Understood, was just surprised that Action Tiles was slow to interact with it.

Hello Lee,
Very excited to find this thread. I have a Caddx NX-8 that installed around 2002.
I purchased the NX584 back then but never used it. I see you reference NX-584e; how do I tell if it is an ‘e’? There is a date on the board that says 9/10/01 if that helps tell what version it is.
The NX-8 is not the E model and not sure about the version 2 reference.
Just checked eBAY but do not see an NX-8e system so maybe I need to wait for that to show up.

Also, I see that SmartThings has 3rd generation hardware now. Do you recommend using the 3rd generation?

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,

Hey guys
Has anyone been experiencing an issue with the old St app? It recognizes everything from the bridge and everything seems to be fine in the new app. However… In the classic app, when I change the alarm state, it does not reflect the change until I hit the refresh icon all the way at the bottom.

I have my alarm auto arm every night. Since 4 days ago I noticed that it isn’t working properly. Again, it’s fully functional it seems the app is stuck until I manually refresh.


Hi Abe:
I think I have experienced something similar when my power blips. It seems to me that the Alarm Interface loses it ability to “talk back” to SmartThings Hub to provide the necessary Status updates…like the handshake is lost. When you hit the Refresh button it works because it can ask the Alarm for the current Status…seems what is lost is Alarm Interface to push an update back to Hub without a request…but I bet it still is not showing the correct time in the top Status area. What has worked for me recently is to unplug Router, SmartThings Hub, and Alarm interface board…then reboot Router…after Router reboots plug in SmartThings Hub…after Hub reboots plug in Alarm interface board…finally, I have then hit the Config button in the Classic App and that seemed to do the trick. Not sure if just hitting the Config button only would fix it…maybe you can try that without all the reboots and let me know. BTW, I have the NX8 with NX584E. Good luck. Brad

Looking for NX-8e to replace my old Caddx NX8. I see that Amazon has NX-8e for $250 and 123 Security Products ( has them for $150. Has anybody used 123securityProducts; they claim the product is new?
Will my old Caddx keypads work with Interlogix NX-8e panel?
Also, will my old 16 zone expander work with the new NX8e?
Thanks for the help,

Hi @LincTech
In theory the NX584 that you have should be ok to use, inc with the NX8. The main difference with the e modules is how they handle the expansion zones, though I’m not honestly familiar with an specific difference between an NX584 and an NX584-e. (I know the NX-216e expander was an update for the v2 boards like the NX8v2, that allowed the expansion zone numbers to be remapped)

I was able to add support for the very old version of the NX8 board that another user has, so am hopeful that the changes to support that system should work with yours.

If there is an issue with getting your current system working, and you then decide to upgrade to the NX-8E anyway, then I can send you the different cable that’s needed for the NX-8E.

I have the SmartThings v2, and afaik the only major difference is the addition of support for Zigbee3 added in SmartThings v3. Since I use mostly Z-Wave devices (since, unlike Zigbee, Z-Wave doesn’t interfere with WiFi since it’s on a completely different frequency, tho’ it is lower bandwidth), it really hasn’t seemed like a benefit to me.

I can answer any specific questions you have via private-message :slight_smile:

Hi @Abe
I haven’t noticed any issues recently, but then I haven’t actually been paying much attention to the status page recently tbh, since there’s always been someone at home.
@BAS’s suggestion is interesting, and it is possible that the SmartThings hub has somehow stopped listening to network updates sent to it. It does seem strange that refreshing would then work, but the mechanism for refresh is slightly different since then it’s looking for a response to a message that it sent, rather than receiving a message that was sent to it.
Sometimes, randomly, SmartThings servers do seem to be extra sluggish in forwarding messages to the hub (and I’ve confirmed it’s on the server side, by seeing that the API page shows the update almost immediately, but that the hub doesn’t receive a notification until some time later). Other times though the whole thing is near instantaneous. I suspect it’s based on server-load or maintenance.
I’ll definitely keep a close eye on things over the next few days, and if I’m able to see the same issue then I’ll investigate as much as possible.