GE Motion Sensor issue

I have 2 GE / Jasco Z-wave Plus Motion sensors. Purchased on the same day and same store. I added one right away and set the other asside as a backup/spare. Over the weekend I went to add the second one onto the Hub and it adds but gets stuck in ACTIVE/Motion Detected. Also when adding it it adds as “networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE” Whereas the other one does not show that. See screenshots below. Is the second one just a defective unit or does this have to do with the latest firmware and app migration? Looking at the RAW description they are the same model and FW Ver so I’m lost here. I’ve tried new batteries in case it was a battery issue, I’ve also tried plugging it in with USB with the same results.

Original Sensor

Newly added sensor