GE Link Lightbulbs Frequently Drop Signals (thru Hue). Anyone?

I setup a few GE Link light bulbs directly thru Hue and control via ST. They have worked fine for a few years until recently when they started to go in and out of signal frequently.

I find today I am still using Firmware A Reddit user says it can be updated to V2, but only with Wink hub:
But I don’t have Wink hub and the original GE Link Hub is no longer supported by the Wink app.

Anyone knows:
(1)either how to update the firmware without a Wink hub, OR
(2)solve the signal dropping issue with Hue/ST? Will removing and re-adding help?

Please…someone using GE bulbs comment…

I gave up on these bulbs long ago and replaced all of mine with Sengled. GE bulbs run way too hot and are terrible repeaters in your Zigbee mesh.


+1 Exactly. Bulbs went to the thrift store.
Maybe that was mean of me? :wink: