GE Link Bulb Strobing Intermittently

I have a GE Link bulb that just started strobing intermittently.

The bulb is over 5 years old.

I am using it with Wink hub.

I have other GE Link bulbs that work fine and I’ve had them on when the one light is strobing and they show no such behavior.

Is strobing something that happens when the bulb has reached the end of its lifecycle and needs to be replaced?

…Or has something else gone wrong with it?

Can it be fixed in some way?


First, this community is for Samsung SmartThings. Expect the mods to lock this thread.

Second. “It’s dead, Jim…”

There’s a number of threads on here about GE Link bulbs as it would appear people are using them with smart things as well …and you were wrong about the bulb. It’s not dead.

Anyways, I will offer some actual helpful information.

The bulb became glicthed after a recent smart hub firmware update. Something with that process glitched the bulb.

I was able to remediate this issue by resetting the GE Link bulb firmware. The process for that is noted below.

If anyone else expereinces a GE Link bulb on the fritz and strobing incessantly, this may fix your bulb as well:

GE Link LED Bulb Reset

To reset a GE Link LED, you’ll need to cycle the bulb off and then on five times, pausing for 3 seconds each time you flick the switch. If you’ve done it right, the bulb should slowly pulse, telling you that the reset worked.

Once reset, I had to remove the bulb from the smart hub as a device and re-add it, but it corrected the problem completely… no more strobing.

I have four GE Link bulbs running on a SmartThings hub since it released however many years ago. I don’t think SmartThings officially supports them but they seem to work well. Occasionally what you describe happens to me and the reset procedure described is the correct one. The only difference is, its not necessary to remove the bulb from the SmartThings hub prior to reset. I think because they are ZigBee devices they rejoin the hub using the same ID number.

Yeah, whether your hub sees the bulb after reset may depend on hub.

I had to delete it and re-add it to my Wink hub.