GE Link Bulb not working

Hello All,

Need a little support. I got my Hub and connected it. I have GE link bulbs I am able to add it and it shows as a thing i change it to GE link and it now shows as a bulb but I cant turn it on or off nothing seems to be working.

I am on firmware 1.5.4 and have removed and re added it. cant seem to figure it out anyone have luck want to give me a hand.

To add my status says inactive

Living Room My GE Link Bulb v2 7CE52400000BBD5A CE5A INACTIVE moments ago

Tonight may not be the best time to try to setup your hub/new devices. STs cloud is having a hiccup.

Thank you that does explain the issues had all lights working then it stop.

Thanks I’ll try again in the morning.

My GE bulbs weren’t working when I woke up. I rebooted the hub and now they work.

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Thank you my bulbs did start working after a reboot this morning. Still acting up. But the status still shows issues so I will wait and see.

Thank all this community has been full of support. I appreciate all the help I will be needing as I start this journey.

For your GE Link bulb, you may want to read that thread and install the improved device type found in that thread.