GE LED bulb

Will this bulb work with SMARTTHINGS

I have them working. one issue is they work best if the power to them are always on. if bulbs are on a switch and someone turns off the switch the bulbs needs to be re-added to ST.

What product drop down did you use

I used the devices type @johnconstantelo shared. the device type has been improving like a champ, but until ST supports it natively the ST community always comes through.

Also you may have to update your ST HUB Firmware code to support these bulbs. ST Support can push this firmware if needed.

GE Launches Seriously Cheap Wink Connected Bulb - #63 by cmonroe[quote=“cmonroe, post:63, topic:2995”]
Like the other reports above I decided to pair directly with my ST hub and it worked perfectly. It paired as a Zigbee switch and rather than change the device type to Zigbee Dimmer I changed it to “Zigbee Hue Bulb” and it worked flawlessly. On/Off as well as dimming work perfectly.

Works great through my Philips Hue Bridge (appears like just another Hue bulb to SmartThings).

I figured as long as I have the Bridge in my setup, I might as well use it. This way the GE Links are also controllable from any Hue Mobile App.

Hi @chaospup, you shouldn’t need to readd bulbs under that condition. My daughter turns her lamp on and off all the time via the switch, as well as the app, and I’ve never had to readd a bulb. My wife does the same to 2 lamps in our family room and bedroom. It drives me crazy, but it’s never caused me to readd a bulb.