GE / Lasco Dimmer Switch Won't Dim in SmartApp Action

Wow, I had thought based on the below thread that this has been happening since September. Having just seen this thread it’s been happening now for a year!

It’s fairly safe to say that ST has no plans to fix this.

I totally eliminated the Smart Lighting app and went all to Rule Machine. My dimmers now work all the time, 50% of the time.

It looks to me that this was FIXED yesterday. I do not know why it was not listed in the release notes.

But my lights triggered by smart lighting are now being set to the correct dim level.

crap. Do I go back to Smart Lighting now to get local control??? Wish I could easily save my Rule machine setup and make a Smart Lighting app setup, then switch back and forth to see what works best.

@professordave thanks for the heads up. I’ll test for myself tomorrow.