GE Jasco Z-wave Smart Remotes (CES 2017)

Interesting, you can check out my handler posted above. Does this mean that they are going to be hitting the market soon?

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Unfortunately I’m not in a position to share much. I’m working on a different project and figured I’d try it with SmartThings too, just to see. :slight_smile: I’ll test your handler and see what happens.

Not surprisingly, your handler doesn’t really work with the Jasco remote. There is a remote icon, a blank battery %, three boxes at the bottom the left of which is blank with “–” , the center is what appears to be a counter and the right configure has a red dot and doesn’t seem to do anything when clicked. The interesting thing is, the center counter increments when either button is pushed and the recent activity logs which button is pushed (but doesn’t differentiate a single, double or triple tap). So, as it stands now, I suppose it could at least be used as a rudimentary button remote for use with Core/Webcore lol.

That handler works as expected with the device that it was written for, the aoetec Dual wallmote.

The fact that you’re getting any functionality out of it is a good sign, and means that handler might be used as a basis for creating a custom handler for the Jasco device. But we would need to know the exact commandsets that the Jasco device is using, and what central scene numbers it is assigning to which actions in order to make the modifications.

Otherwise it’s like picking up a TV remote which has been pre-programmed for favorites with the cable service in Los Angeles and then trying to use it at a home in New York. ESPN isn’t necessarily going to be on the same channel in both cities, so the favorites option can’t work until we know the channel numbers for the new location. :wink:

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No, I totally understand that. I was just reporting my findings. I haven’t used the Aotec dual wallmote so I can’t comment on expected functionality of the app with a device it was designed for so I was just reporting what I did see using it as a DH for the Jasco remote.

@JDRoberts, I will say this, I’m nearly 100% certain they won’t work like the older GE scene controller (I have one of those too). That’s really all I can elaborate though. :frowning:

The older GE device was a local scene controller. It didn’t use central scene commands. Local scene controllers work by talking directly to nearby Z wave devices, they don’t tell the hub what they’re doing. The newer generation Devices like the Aeotec wallmote commonly use central scene commands where a button press is also sent to the hub. This allows the app and any dashboards to stay in sync after scene commands are executed, something that was always a problem with the local scene controllers.

Yes, I’m saying this definitely isn’t a local scene controller. :slight_smile: I meant
it doesn’t work like the old local controllers not that it “won’t work”. I
really can’t say more unfortunately. NDA.


Anyone know when they will be available for purchase?

Since they aren’t certified by the Z wave alliance yet, it’s going to be awhile.

Any new updates on this? I hear Inovelli will be offering similar remotes come April. They use the same manufacturer as Jasco/GE I believe (at least their devices are identical in build).

The same case doesn’t mean the insides are the same. :wink:

@Eric_Inovelli should know more.

Just got word from Jasco that the remotes will be available by the end of June. Although I will indeed buy Inovelli’s if I can get them! I sent Eric a message on his site earlier. Hopefully he has good news.

Hey guys,

Everyone is keeping me busy today in the community, I like it!

Bradlee, I got your note and will reply shortly (was trying to clean up the office a bit) :slight_smile:

Anyway, we do not use the same manufacturer as GE/Jasco, but we do look up to them as a company. I personally have many GE products in my smart home and they’ve all been rock solid.

As for our remotes, yes, we’ll have two different versions coming out that we’re really excited about.

The first will be a paddle style remote that will look identical to our In-Wall Switches so you can create a 3-Way setup without having to rewire anything as the switches will associate with each other (both on/off and dimming) so you can dim them in real-time.

The second style is more of a remote version, which will be a 5-button remote. This is still in prototype testing, but our VP of Technology has been testing it since CES and is impressed with it from a firmware standpoint. We’re just trying to figure out how to make it skinnier (depth-wise) - the problem we’re running into is that we want it to have a rechargeable battery and this is causing the depth to be the way it is.

Anyway, I don’t want to hijack GE’s thread as I’m sure their remotes will be awesome as well!

As for timing, I’ll know more in a week or so whether we’re on track to release end of March - it seems like the launch targets always seem to move lol.

Tentatively, the paddle versions will be released end of March and 5-Button in April.


That’s great Eric! Always a big support of you and your incredible company.

Looking forward to seeing photos of these remotes!

Logan Marshall

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This is awesome @Eric_Inovelli! I am sure you’re well aware that HA enthusiasts have been chomping at the bit for a remote than can actually blend in with other decora style switches. I’m excited to see a lean, forward-thinking company like Inovelli fulfilling that need. I think you guys will be hero’s to large swaths of spouses who’ve been pestering their nerdy other half’s for an easier, less geeky, way to control smart devices.

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The spouse was definitely a main driver in this project :slight_smile: – I think she got sick of the old Quirky Tapt’s (RIP), Philips Dimmers and Osram Dimmers around the house lol.

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Any chance this amazing sounding remote will have custom button labeling? Pretty much the holy grail for me…my own personal Lutron-style custom scene controller

So it’s been almost 2 years now, is this dead?

No their still releasing them, end of 2018. They’ve already released the non zwave versions :slight_smile:

Logan Marshall