GE Jasco Z-wave Smart Remotes (CES 2017)

Do the buttons support double tapping?

I can try to see if double tap appears in logs, will let you know this week. :slight_smile:


I do know that the scene ones, (4 different shapes) support long press for 8 scenes if that makes sense. :slight_smile:


Does their manual say how long the battery life is and what type of battery it takes? Just curious because I think the picos say 10 years. Would love for a Z-Wave option! This is exciting!

How soon can we get these?! I am trying to wait patiently.

Same coin battery as lutron picos :slight_smile:


That only has a little to do with the expected battery life, however. For example, there are many Z wave devices that use the same battery as a comparable Zigbee device but the Zigbee device almost always has a battery life of about 25% longer. Part of the power management has to do with the protocol itself, and Z wave just isn’t particularly good at battery operated devices.

My own expectation would be about a three-year battery life for the GE 34172 And somewhat less for the 34176 under typical use . But you can write Jasco support and ask. :sunglasses:

Does anyone know if these have been publicly released yet? Or a release date? I still haven’t seen anything…

Nothing yet.

3 years later, and these things still are only a CES pipe dream. Not sure who @LoganMarshall1 bribed to get his hands on some, but still not publicly sold!


I didn’t bribe anyone Jimmy. You should treat people with much more respect & kindness than you currently display to people on social media.

Jasco’s staff were very nice, helpful and thoughtful and gave me an incredible opportunity to try these out. They’re an amazing product and just like Jasco and their community, I’m excited for the release.


I suspect that wasn’t an entirely serious suggestion of bribery, I think everyone would be happy for the product to be released, whenever that eventually may be. Personally while I’m sure it’s worthwhile, I’ve dealt with my need in other ways in the interim.

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Yeah, sorry if the sarcasm was lost through the internet @LoganMarshall1

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Gettin close!

Jasco just uploaded over 10 videos on their public youtube yesterday,

quad remote looks awesome!

Still not on their website



They’re live! Has anybody seen a SmartThings DTH?

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These are new devices but old technology. :roll_eyes: Zwave local scene controller (not central scene controller). Only one association group. It is broadcasting a basic command (“basic” has a specific meaning in zwave) to a fixed set of Z wave devices.

I’m not sure you can make it work with smartthings other than exactly as designed: as a parallel means of control for some Z wave devices.

It doesn’t work like the old minimote. It doesn’t work like a central scene device like the Aeotec Wallmote. It’s a local scene controller like the old GE 45631, which never did work as a button controller with smartthings. It can be added as a secondary means of control, but again, only for other Z wave devices.

Maybe you can do something with that one association group, but I don’t know. Since it’s a Z wave plus device that’s supposed to be reserved for the lifeline group, not for the basic command.

(I understand that they wanted it to be a competitor to the Phillips hue dimmer switch and not require a hub of any kind, which is why they didn’t go with central scenes, but personally I find it disappointing.)


Bleh. Glad I went with the Eria remote then. Zigbee, fits a standard decora wall plate and shows up as 4 buttons you can do anything you want when pressed.


One positive use: the two button one would make a really nice battery operated auxiliary switch for a Z wave master. Essentially a zwave equivalent of a pico. Put it anywhere, and it would work locally even if the smartthings cloud was out.

It shouldn’t require any special DTH, literally all you have to do is add it to the network and it will function as a secondary controller.

So I can see it being helpful for that particular use case. :sunglasses:

This is what we waited 3 and a half years for? :sleeping:

Based on the video that @LoganMarshall1 posted above,

They’ve delivered exactly what they promised: the Z wave plus equivalent of a Phillips hue dimmer. in fact, it’s a bit of an improvement since it can handle up to four different device groups with full dimming control for each.

And it does give you a battery powered auxiliary for a three-way set up, to compete with the Eaton Cooper anyplace switch.

So it does what it was designed to do and it was marketed highlighting exactly those features.

I understand that people using multi protocol platforms, like smartthings, would like it better if it could do more, but I don’t see any indication that Jasco ever promised anything like that.

A promise that was broken, repeatedly, was the one from smartthings itself that they would provide a stock DTH for a wall mount multi button device. Any brand. Even just the Remotec z90 would solve a lot of use cases, particularly since it’s available on both the US and UK frequencies.

@erocm1231 created a device type handler for the remotec four years ago which still works very well. Although I don’t know if it works with the new V3 app or not.

[RELEASE] Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master - Button Device Supporting 24 Unique Button Commands

Anyway, I agree of course it would be nice if the Jasco device could communicate with the hub. But there may be some alternatives if the device as released doesn’t meet your needs.