GE Jasco Light: change indicator LED behavior in V3 app?

So it was driving me a bit crazy that after moving from Vera to ST, my GE/Jasco switch would show the LED light when the light was On and not off. Having just moving to ST, I had not done anything with the Classic app before. In the new app there is no way to adjust when the LED light is shown, but after having installed the Classic app I see you can set it in there. I wonder why they removed it?

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Hehehe… you’re going to be asking yourself questions like that a lot, especially when discussing the New App versus the Old App! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Most users are still clinging to the ST Classic App as it has many more features compared to the new one. For new users, starting with the New App might be the right choice. You can use both apps, however SmartApps like Smart Home Monitor are unique to each Mobile Phone App… Why? Who knows?! :wink:


So, webCoRE versus setting it in the app, which will take precedence? If I want to set it using webCoRE what should the settings be in the STC app?

The setting actually resides in the switch. When you change it, it’s sent to the switch and stays there. So, it doesn’t matter where you do it from.

For me, it’s easier just to use the button press combination to change it.


It did seem to work last night! Are you talking about a button press on the actual switch?

Here you go… Probably more than you ever wanted to know about your GE Jasco Light Switch/Dimmer! :wink:

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Yes, there is a combination of quick presses on the physical switch that will change the behavior of the LED. It’s on the forum here in several places. Maybe someone can link it.

I did… in the post directly above yours… :grin:

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