GE/JASCO LED flicker?

I have two working GE lights, they are the 12722. I have a switch that turns on an outside flood light, and I want the flood light to turn of in the morning and on at night.

However, the sylvania LED flood light that i purchased flickers when I install the switch. It flickers at maybe 15hz at full brightnedd, and when turned off it flickers a little at low brightness.

If this light is the only light on that circuit, does this mean that because it’s LED it’s consumption is lower than the GE/JASCO minimum?

yes for LED lights you need a smart switch with a neutral wire connection. the ones you have must pass a small amount of current to keep the switch talking

The blue LED on the switch does not come on without a neutral connection. So the flickering only happens with a neutral connection.

Yeah, it’s probably something in there with the LED not having high enough Watts.

I actually have this issue with with a dimmer switch I have with a neutral… they don’t flicker when off, but they do flicker when on full. I’m able to turn the dimmer down to about 95/96% and the flickering stops.

I had the opposite. I had a Intermatic sunset timer switch that controlled a fluorescent on my porch. The flicker was bad, and I always assumed it was the bulb. When I replaced it with the GE and hooked up the neutral, the flicker was gone. Turns out that Intermatic switch wasn’t rated for fluorescents.

similar GE switches instructions require 40watts minimum. or maybe not.

EDIT - last night I installed GE 12729 and saw a reference in instructions to 40watts minimum. I don’t see that in online documentation now so I’m probably just wrong.

Which switches have this minimum? I can’t find anything in the manual for the 12722 or 12724 ( I thought that the minimum load requirement only affected switches without a neutral… I have some 18W LED bulbs set up on the 12722 switches without a problem (one bulb per switch).

This doesn’t sound quite right.
The blue led should come on if it’s set in the app to come on.
I have two dimmers without neutrals. I have to use regular bulbs because the flicker with LED bulbs. But the blue led works just fine

With this version of the switch, the blue led when off is how you know it’s wired correctly. I have wired up many where there was an issue with the neutral and the light didn’t come on. It’s my understanding that this switch will not work without a neutral and that is stated in the manual, however the 40w min is not stated that I can see.