GE/Jasco In-Wall ZWave Siwtches Cycling On/Off All of the Sudden

I’ve had a pair of GE 12722 ZWave in wall switches installed for over 2 years now. They’ve been working fine up until today. At first, one of my switches started cycling on/off. It stops when I pull the air switch out. All of the sudden, my other one starts doing the same thing. They are both in the same electrical box. I pulled them out to check everything and all appears well. Neutral wires APPEAR to be working fine. When I connect a DMM across neutral and line, I get 120v. For what it’s worth, when the switches are doing this random cycling, disconnected neutral makes them stop.

I don’t see how a wiring issue would manifest itself after 2 years of use. House was built in 2015.

Sounds like your switches may be failing. I would suggest you call Jason Support: