GE / Jasco in-wall switches & outlets not responding / reporting correctly

I’ve seen quite a few threads about this, and last I heard the ST was working on a fix. I have one in-wall outlet that is reporting “on” all the time (still responds to commands, however), and one in-wall switch that has completely stopped reporting / responding.

Is there an update on the fix for this known issue? I get tired of always having to trip breakers, exclude devices, etc. only to have the problem pop up again a few days later.


From what I’ve heard, there is a scenario that SmarthThings has identified that may cause problems with these devices. They have a change that will be pushed out at some point to reduce this if not eliminate it. However, they don’t think this is that common and may repair itself anyway.

If you have one that works, I would recommend switching the two out. Make sure you repair your Z-Wave network after switching them. If it still fails, see if you can get a warranty replacement.