GE/Jasco In-Wall Motion Dimmer/Switch EXPLAINED (tips and tricks article)

The Jasco Motion Dimmer is an ideal Z-Wave product for home automation. We want the lights to come on automatically when we enter a room and off again when everyone has left. The motion sensing needs to be reliable and sensitive and ideally not involve changing batteries every few months. Thus, a wall mounted, always-on dimmer with a built-in motion sensor fits our needs perfectly. In this blog article I’ll explain a few tricks to getting the most out of this handy device.

This is a well written article, but Very generic: although it describes each of the configurable parameters and association groups, it does not have any information about how to set those values using smartthings, which is going to be essential information for people in this forum. Nor does it indicate whether all the features will be usable with the new V3 smartthings app, another top question for readers here.

In the future, please consider adding this information, at least in posts here, when providing links to your blog articles, because those are going to be the first questions people from this community will have.

A good model is your excellent, although unfortunately now outdated, 2017 article on the ezmultipli multi sensor. That was a very popular link from this community until it became out of date. It would be great if you could update that one as well. :sunglasses:

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