GE (Jasco) Fan Wall Switch Not Working

I have read the previous posts on the Jasco Fan switch. I have tried everything and think I have my issue narrowed but I am hoping someone can help figure it out. Previously I had a fan switch that had a forward and a reverse switch. There is a 3-wire line going from the switch to my attic (Black, white and red. I have left the red free as there is no light and connect the load and the neutral. The line I took from the switch next to it. I am sure that I have not confused the load and the line. The switch is getting power, the blue light is on and my Smarthings has included the device. The app shows it is on as does the blue flashing led when different speeds are selected. The problem is that the fan is not working. I added an ordinary switch and that didn’t work either. A couple of times when I have reset and re added the switch the fan got a brief signal and the fan ran slowly for a second or two. The only thing I can think of is that there is some odd wiring configuration that previously existed. I don’t to do anything at the fan itself as it is in a room with a very high ceiling (18-20 ft) and I prefer not to do anything at the junction box at the fan since it is in the attic. Does anyone have any thoughts.

It is possible there is some remnant of the previous forward/reverse switching up in the fan or canopy – assuming the red wire is for a light, as you suggest. I’m afraid you’re going to need to break out a tall ladder and have a look!

Also, if you have information about the previous switch and make/model of the fan, others here may have further suggestions… :thinking: