GE/JASCO Dimmer - Blue Light

Is there a way to turn off the blue light on the GE/Jasco Dimmer(45612)?
In the manual, there is a way to change it to only come on when the light is on,. The default seems to be that the blue indicator light is on when the switch is turned off.

Also, does anyone else have problems with the form post text box? It doesn’t work in chrome, and is broken in IE.

I meant forum post text box.
It works ok in IE10 when you reply, but it does not work when creating a new message. Creating a new message is not even possible in Google Chrome.

I would like to set the blue light on the dimmer switch to be off when the switch is off, on when the switch is on. I found some manuals for it that say you can set it to do that, but you have to send it commands over z-wave. Can SmartThings build in a way to send it commands like this?

It is programmable, but the interface doesn’t yet have a way to do that.

I guess I’ll just have some ugly electrical tape on it until it does.

I’m sure this isn’t a super high priority, but hopefully it won’t be too hard to implement since the codes are documented in the manual that comes with the switch.

@jjbr Some of the lower level features are going to take time to implement. I think it is a little unrealistic to expect every sub feature of every device to be supported at launch.

Yeah, but they should allow a ‘send manual z-wave’ command for devices. Not every capability needs to be pretty front-ended.

You could probably do this in the IDE with zwave.commands.configurationv1.ConfigurationSet. I’ll experiment when I get some time.

Thanks Duncan,
I’m still learning things here, but that looks like the right direction. I don’t expect smartthings to support everything right from the start. I also stumbled across

Maybe we can use those to creat a way to do it.

I’m still trying to just figure out how to even get into the IDE. doesn’t let me login
and doesn’t work at all(page times out and doesn’t load)

@Jibg, you have to email and request access.

Just a heads up: as of today you can sign up for developer access without emailing support.

I emailed them and got access yesterday. maybe my request made them realize they should just open it up :stuck_out_tongue:

I already built my first app!! simple way to turn lights on and off on a timer. I was using the sunset/sunrise app but it didn’t seem to ever really work.
What I really want is an app to turn the lights on at sunset, and then off around midnight. I wonder how the sunset app gets it’s data.

Next project is to use my arduino sheild to control my two garage doors and also report their open/closed status.

I hope the android app launches soon! I bet half the smartthings owners can’t do anything at all. Luckily I have an iPad.

If you have developer access you can look at the Z-Wave Switch device type. It already has commands for controlling the state of the blue light that use the ConfigurationSet command that Duncan was referring to. We just haven’t gotten around to adding them to the device’s detail tile. It will be coming soon.

I’m interested in learning how to do this as well. I just got developer/IDE access and will be looking into it. Any other hints? Thanks.

@bflorian: Is there also a type for a Z-wave dimmer switch? I don’t see one, but I’m not sure if maybe the standard Z-wave switch could handle that.

There is a Z-wave dimmer switch, but its name is just Dimmer Switch. It is a Z-Wave device, however, and it’s one of the examples. Sorry for the inconsistency.

We will be adding an indicator control tile to both the Z-Wave Switch and Dimmer Switch standard device types in this coming week’s release.

If you’re interested in how to do that in your own custom device type, take a look at this example.

You will need to add an indicatorStatus custom attribute to your device type definition as well as the custom commands for indicatorWhenOn, etc. After the release there will be an Indicator capability that defines all that.

Thanks for clearing that up, @bflorian! Great to hear that it’s not super far off as a control tile either.

And that example looks really interesting. Seems like this could allow some of us to really get into things like adding that extra code-setting functionality to the lock.

Good news. With today’s release we added support for controlling the blue light in the detail tiles of both the Z-Wave Switch and Dimmer Switch.

Drilled into the settings for one of my light switches today and saw that there is now an option for the blue light to be on when switch is on, on when switch is off, and always off. It’s even got a little blue light graphic!

Just wanted to say, it’s pretty awesome that changes can be made like this without having to update the app.

My two dimmer switches don’t seem to take the Never Lit command. If I set it to Never Lit, the blue LED still lights up when I have the lights on. Is this a known issue, or have I done something very wrong?