GE/Jasco Add-on Switch Failing

For the second time in a couple of years, I an replacing the same GE/Jasco add-on switch in the same circuit. The switches, primary and add-on feed a 10 watt LED ceiling light.The add-on switch is in a triple-gang box with two other switches, both primaries and they share a white wire connection and ground wire connection. The primary switch is in another 4 gang box that also share white and ground wires. When working, everything works correctly. No issues there. It is interesting that this is the only add-on that is failing. I replace it and everything works again. No other circuits are effected by this failure. No other add-on switches on other circuits failing.

Any suggestions about what might be happening here or how to figure it out?

I recommend calling GE/Jasco. They expanded their warranty on the switches to 5 years and that might include the Aux as well.

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