GE/Jasco 45609 vs. 45637

Has anyone had problems with GE/Jasco 45637 on/off wall switches becoming disassociated with their network?

I bought a GE/Jasco 45609 on Amazon a while back. It has always worked fine, and despite not having instant status capabilities, the system responds acceptably pretty much all the time.

Then I bought the 45637 at Lowes. A few dollars cheaper, but seemed like exactly the same thing with different packaging/part number. However, it seems to drop off the network and need to be re-associated every day or two. It’s closer to the hub than several other Zwave devices, so it should not be any sort of a signal issue…

Maybe the 45637 is just a bad unit, but it re-associates and works for a short time…every time.

I bought a few of them myself. And they seem to be working fine. I assume that you have done a Z-Wave Repair to make sure that everything is working correctly and the mesh is working well?

I have over 50 of the Lowes switches and a few outlets, and only one dimmer keeps dropping. Aside from that, they’ve all been working very well for months now.

Yea, I bought most of my switches and receptacles from Lowe’s because they are just cheaper than the amazon version and they all are working great for me. i can’t tell the difference between the ones I got from Lowes and the ones from Amazon.