GE In-Wall Toggle Switches.... Issues?

GE In-Wall Toggle Switches - . First question, is there any way to test it? My front porch light quit working. I checked the bulb, and it shows it is good. I turned on and off the breaker, that did not help. I have several actions tied to things light using a pressure meat and a motion detector, these show as working, but the light is not coming on. So, do I have a bad switch? Now, that happened last week. Not had a lot of time to work the issue other than test the bulb, and flip the breaker. Today, the same type switch for my bedroom fan quit working. It also quit working about 6 moths ago, and I ended up replacing that switch with another one. So any experience with these switches having an early failure rate? Is there any other manufacturer who makes toggle switches? I appreciate any and all suggestions and comments. Thanks

If its available, Try to air gap it. If it still doesnt work, its most likely a bad switch now. I switched from GE to Zooz switches. So far no issues at all. I have the paddle one, but zooz does make toggle switches as well.

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I only have a couple and haven’t experienced issues, but there have been several posts here discussing GE failures and suggesting an early failure rate.

how long were there switches in service? have you tried contacting ge/jasco support?

2 years or there abouts