GE in-wall smart dimmer

I installed a GE In-Wall smart dimmer switch last night. The paddle switch, in the ON position, doesn’t fully light (not 100%). If I hold the paddle to long, the lights brighten and then go dim. I have the same type of switch installed in multiple locations around the house. If I tap on the ON position, the lights are 100%. On this last install, no such luck. Via the Smartthings controls, I can set to 100% and turn on and off with ease; however, this is in my kitchen and I would like to be able to use the switch as well. Is this bad hardware or is there a way to set the range (% of light) on the paddle switch?

Sounds like a bad switch. Smartthings does not control what the paddle does.

I would suggest calling Jasco if you are still within 2 years of you purchase date.

It sounds like the switch is bad, BUT I had a simular situation and it was bulb related. I learned that some dimmable LED bulbs react better than others. I found the cheap $2 bulbs from the grocery store to be the best. All that being said my issue with 1 bulb in the fixture vs the whole fixture.

Thanks for the excellent feedback. I am replacing the switch. I have other installs of the same switch type with the same LED dimmable light bulbs that work fine. Appreciate the help. JON

Thanks for your excellent feedback. I have been sitting on this switch for 6 months waiting for the time to install. I didn’t know that JASCO covers for 2 years. I was going to write this one off. Appreciate the help! JON

Thanks James. I will be replacing the switch this weekend. Appreciate the feedback. JON