GE Fan Zwave Fan Switch not discoverable by Echo

I recently installed a GE Fan switch(in wall smart fan control) - it works fine with the APP - it even has the speed control slider…however, now matter what I do - it is not discoverable by ECHO.

Any suggestions?


I’m assuming that this devicetype isn’t seen as a standard switch or dimmer. What you might have to do is create a virtual on/off switch that will turn the fan on/off and then use that with the Echo.

It seems to be identified as a dim-able outlet…

Just to confirm, have you relinked your smartthings account in the Echo app and authorized the new switch?

Ok…figured it out…totally my fault. I didn’t check the box in the echo discovery…thanks.


I was having the same issue yesterday after adding a plug-in dimmer to smartthings. Glad I could help :smile: