GE Fan Controller not controlling the fan

I have a total of 4 fan controllers, half work with no issues. The other half are not actually operating the fan. They all used to work.

I can physically see the app is controlling the switch (e.g. I can turn it off and the blue light goes off). Is there anything else that might be preventing from the actual fan operating?

  1. try pulling the air gap on the switch
  2. run z-wave repair if they are z-wave Devices
  3. is your z-wave network strong enough to reach them (again if they are z-wave)

I don’t see any issues with z-wave, I am able to see that the blue light on the switch turns on and off as I toggle with ST.

As far as pulling the air gap on the switch, isn’t this to reset it? What should I expect by doing this?

It cuts all power to the device and then restores it.

That’s really weird, especially since you see state updates in the app and the switch itself. If the airgap switch doesn’t do anything, it could be you just have 2 dead devices, even though it sounds unlikely that 2 would go out at one time.

I’m not sure what you can do. I’d be curious to know if the airgap switch did anything.

maybe the fan died? Did you verify if the fan works when you connect a dumb switch?

I am also thinking the chances of both fans / switches stop working at the same time would be wild. I will swap the switch out to see.

I tried taking the air gap out and putting it back in. No change. Is that all that is needed? Take it out and put it back in?

Yup, that’s it. Bummer that this is happening. Keep us posted on what you figure out.