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GE fan controller acting like dimmer


Question, I recently bought a ge fan controller, 14287, but when installing it via smartthings I’m provided with a sliding scale for the fan as if it were a dimmer. I find this odd, workable, but odd. I’ve seen a number of self made interfaces posted online, and am curious if there are any recommendations, and if there’s a guide to installing/integrating them.

(Benji) #2

Yes the default DTH works like a dimmer where:

0 = Off
1-33 = Low
34-66 = Med
67-100 = High

Personally I stick with the stock DTH because it’s really not that hard to use (for me, I can understand family members might not get it) but MOST importantly, it keeps the device running locally which is more critical than anything.

(MarkTr) #3

Here’s a DTH which lets you pick low-med-hi.

Here’s a modified version with child devices that can be accessed by smart speakers:

(Jason) #4

Which one is the Stock DTH? Zwave Dimmer?

(jkp) #5

Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic

(Allan) #6

Mine are the non-plus versions but all list as just “Dimmer Switch”. You’ll get over the whole slider/percent thing pretty quick, especially if you use voice control. I just say 30, 60, or 90 for low. med, hi.

(MarkTr) #7

Alternatively, if you use the 3-speed fan thermostat smartapp, you won’t need to control your fan manually :slight_smile:

(jkp) #8

Just to note: these device handlers are not confirmed to work with the Samsung Connect app which the OP’s second image shows they are using.

(Jason) #9

Has anybody noticed that in the new app there is a GE Fan Controller, was wondering if anybody had seen this or tried to use it. I would have to remove my fan and readd under the new app to make it work.


OK, I guess I didn’t consider the other DTHs not being local, that makes sense.


I have it installed on my phone, not a fan, prefer the “classic”.