GE Dimmer w/ V2 Hub doesn't work in routines

I have found several threads regarding the fact that the hub will not set the Dimmer level when GE Dimmers and some others are used in routines. It seems that all of those threads ended about a year ago. I cannot find any new info. Has this issue been resolved, or is it still being worked on?

I have looked into several of the workarounds involving virtual dimmers and switches and I could make those work, but it would be nice to not have to.


I have a GE Z-Wave 12724 dimmer and V2 hub. I just made a routine and set the level to %50. When I execute the routine the lights to come on at %50. So for me it is working.

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I have several GE dimmers both lights & fans. They all work fine.

Thanks for the responses from both of you. I had worked on this for a couple days with no luck. Came home tonight and rebuilt my routine. All works well now so I guess I am good to go.