GE Dimmer Switch Randomly Turning Off

(The fish is still dead.) #1

I’ve got a GE dimmer from Lowe’s that seemingly randomly just turns itself off. And not the normal slow dim to off, just straight off.

Support has looked at the logs and insists that it’s happening because someone pushed the switch to turn the light off. I’d normally be inclined to believe them, but it’s happened several times when we were sitting within sight of the switch eating dinner and none of us (me, my wife, or our dog) noticed an intruder who came in, turned the lights off, and left.

Has anyone seen this? Do I have a bad switch? Is there a way to mis-wire it that would cause it to behave this way?

(Todd Wackford) #2

You can’t see ghosts :grin:

Now seriously, I’d swap the switch out to another location and see if it continues to happen. That will tell you if the switch (or ghost) is the culprit.

(Linda Thomas-Fowler) #3

Is it possible that there is a loose connection that every once in a while just breaks contact for a moment? Seems unlikely that things could move around enough for that to happen when nobody is even manipulating the switch but it’s worth ruling out.