GE Bulb and New Device Type for Beginner

Got the SmartHub up and working. Read lots of discussions in the community. Still dont know how to do this :frowning:

  1. Created new device type called ‘CGM GE Bulb’ using template.
  2. Tested this new device type with the virtual device and it appears to be working.
  3. Saved and published the new device type ‘for me’.
  4. Go back to ‘Device Types’ and see the new device type there.
  5. Went to my iPhone6 and shut down the ST app, and restarted it.
  6. Went to the dashboard and clicked the big black +.
  7. Went to ‘Things’. Checked - no new category of device to add. Went into ‘Light Bulbs’ - no new CGM GE Bulb category.

Now that I created a new device type, how do I get the app to ‘search and install’ that type of device?

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you might want to try installing the bulb w/o selecting any paticular device. If your device is setup correctly you should be pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:

OK? So just screw the bulb in, and choose ‘Connect New Device’? Do I need to ‘unlink’ the GE Bulb from the Wink hub it was associated with?

Yes you need to unlink the bulb first. Off 3 seconds, on 3 seconds until you see the bulb goes dim. 3 seconds is enough time to see the bulb dim.
There is an official device type for GE link bulb I think.


To reset the bulb, start with it off.

Turn it on for 3 seconds, then off for 3 seconds.
Do this five times with the fifth time being in the on position.

It will reset. Make sure you have deleted it from wink, or the wink hub will just pick it back up again.

There’s no official brand-specific device handler for the GE link, but because it supports zigbee home automation (ZHA) protocol, you don’t need one.

As long as the bulb is not paired to a different controller, if you reset the bulb using the blink method described above and let it search for a controller to join, and you start the smartthings hub searching for devices to be joined by using the SmartThings mobile app, the two will find each other and the bulb will join the smartthings network using the “zigbee dimmer” device handler.

(Smart bulbs that don’t have brand-specific device handlers typically pair as dimmer switches because they have the capability of dimming.)

Normally a brand-specific device handler is only required if the device has special features which are not part of the generic device class.

Like Zwave, Zigbee devices can only belong to one network at a time. For zigbee, you reset the individual end device to factory specifications and that frees it up to join another another network. (For zwave, you have to issue a specific “leave the network” command before it can accept another “join the network” command.)

So if you have a GE bulb joined to a Wink network, first reset the bulb, then just try using the smartThings mobile app to add a new device. The two should find each other and the bulb will be added as a generic zigbee dimmer.

Thanks EVERYONE - my problem seems to have been a bulb that was still paired to a Wink hub AND a defective bulb. With all of your helpful suggestions, I have successfully transition all my devices from the Wink hub to the ST hub, with the exception of the Relay and one Lutron Caseta thruway switch and remote.

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Does the Connected bulb Remote work with ST?